When to use Response.CreateResponse versus HttpResponseException with Web Api

Web Api    nhibernate
You need to use throw HttpResponseException if you're returning a HTTP error status code if you want Transactions to roll back.

Triggering validation from a custom knockoutjs binding

This post explains how to successfully use the knockout validation library with your custom knockoutjs bindings. The basics is you need to add a call to the validation library validationcode binding at the end of you binding's init method.


health    personal
How to get in a panic at work? Have your wife phone you and tell you the Dr just informed her she has Cancer. However, it's not all that bad - My thoughts as we (my wife) has a battle with Cancer.

Ordering child items with NHibernate

c#    fluentnhibernate
How to correctly map ordered list items in FluentNHibernate

Has iRacing instigated it's own demise?

iRacing    simracing
iRacing has made some pretty drastic changes to the scheduled some of the most popular series in the game. It seems they taken the desires of the majority, and in doing so are weaking the strength of the field in the game itself and therefore reducing it's value and going against it's own original mission statement.

The oval experiment

iRacing    oval-racing    simracing
It's that time of the Star Mazda season. Race 5 and Iowa. Iowa is an oval track and it's usually a wreck-fest. Partly because most of us roadies can't drive ovals and partly because a bunch of oval guys usually join in and cause chaos. Most decent driver treats it as a drop week and stays well clear of Iowa. Myself included, along with my usually SM buddies.

Bulk insert of rows with sql server

sql server
I'm not sure how many total weeks of my life I've spent on data import. Many. Maybe Hundreds. Also, every new project needs test data and usually we'll write INSERT INTO blah blah full scripts again and again. Here's a way to slightly reduce the amount of text that needs to be written/sent to the server AND make your scripts cleaner. Available Sql Server 2008 and up.

Do yourself a favour go and race other series often

iRacing    simracing
Race a different series and give yourself a break. You'll also increase your skillset.

Accessing F1Speed via mobile devices

asp.net    f1speed    projects
How I got F1Speed to present an interface on mobile devices, using Nancy.

Zolder didn't go to plan

iRacing    simracing    star mazda
Week four was Zolder. It didn't go to plan. A busy week in the real world and an operating system upgrade to windows 8 meant I missed valuable track time and didn't get to race or qualify

jquery.validate and chrome doesn't validate australian dates

asp.net mvc    jquery
Whats that? Chrome doesn't nicely convert date strings? new Date("19/11/2011") fails?!

So you say you keep getting crashed out?

iRacing    racecraft    simracing
"Arghh I've had a rubbish week. I keep getting taken out on track" This is a comment complaint every iRacer hears every now and then. Someone, it may even be you, is having a bad week or two or more. It seems every race they're in they are involved in some "idiot"'s crash. You know what I say? What's the common denominator? That driver! To be honest I started my iRacing career like this. I was getting into more incidents that I wasn't, when racing MX-5's It seemed almost every race I was getting hit by, or hitting someone, and it wasn't often the same person. Personally, I think it's because I came to the sport with an expectation I'd be as good against real people as I was against AI. Thing is, AI don't have emotions, but people do. And people don't want to lose, they don't want to get overtaken, and they'll shut the door. They also crash. They push hard, maybe too hard, and then they come off. I remember I would brake as late as possible as often as possible. I'd run on the ragged edge and I'd attempt a pass at the faintest wiff of an opportunity. I took this behaviour with me into the Skip Barber series too. Understaing respect, and learning racecraft early on will help you...

Cycling out of bellbowrie

bellbowrie    theorising
Bellbowrie cyclists need a better way to get out of town

Hurry up and build a bridge between bellbowrie and riverhills

bellbowrie    theorising
Bellbowie is busy. We need a bridge not a bypass!

why am I only just finding out theres a racetrack near my house?

Random race-track found on google maps only a few kilometers from my house!

Underwhelming at Laguna Seca

iRacing    simracing    star mazda
Laguna Seca: I did alright here last season. Had a race win and some other good results. What will a lack of practice bring? Mixed results, that's what - and a near win.

indicating required fields with twitter bootstrap and asp.net mvc 4

asp.net mvc    twitter bootstrap
Need to add a required field indicator to your twitter bootstrap enabled asp.net mvc4 app? Well look no further, I've HACKED together something right here...