What is Digital?

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I think "Digital" is a whole lot more complex than what we're calling Digital Agencies. It's almost the new "I.T."

Why you need good requirements

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Clearly defined requirements are essential to the success of any good software project. Both clients and developers alike benefit from well elaborate solution definition. Here's why.

Codemasters F1 data feed updated

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With F1 2012 Codemasters updated their data feed to include a whole set of useful extra parameters, including sector information, lap change data, KERS, DRS, and a whole bunch more.

Accessing F1Speed via mobile devices

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How I got F1Speed to present an interface on mobile devices, using Nancy.

Making F1Speed

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I wished Codemasters F1 201x had a telemetry application. It didn't, so I made my own.

Connecting to Codemasters telemetry feed

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Codemasters publishes telemetry data packets you can receive to make your own telemetry based applications.

atomic flair

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Screen scraping atomicmpc to build my own "flair" system.