Building your own custom FluentValidation validator mvc    fluentvalidation
How to make your own fluent validator for the FluentValidation framework for .NET

Accessing F1Speed via mobile devices    f1speed    projects
How I got F1Speed to present an interface on mobile devices, using Nancy.

Visual Studio macro to attach to w3wp.exe    visual studio
Use a Visual Studio Macro to hook into w3wp.exe and debug ASP.NET apps faster

Localising Date Time display in ASP.NET and Javascript    javascript
Display localised time on your webpages.

Encoding email links in Sitecore    cms    sitecore
An email address encoding/encrypting solution for Sitecore CMS

Parallelizing image requests in ASP.NET for Kentico CMS using Response Filters    kentico
Using multiple domains for static files and images is recommended method to dramatically decrease your page load time. Browsers have a limited number of concurrent connections. The trick here is creating using multiple domain names for our images. Here's how I did it with Kentico and a Response Filter

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