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Race a different series and give yourself a break. You'll also increase your skillset.
December 03 2012

I think I'm going through an iRacing blue patch.  I started the season wanting to race V8's and dropped out from that series after two rounds, when I failed to make T1 at round 2.  I don't want to ruin it for the people that are dead serious about that series.

I completely missed a race last week, when the Star Mazda's went to Zolder.  I like the track and was quick but an operating system upgrade and a business weekend meant not enough time.  This round about to end wasn't much better in the Star Mazda's.  While I enjoy Mid Ohio, I've never been particularly successful there and this week I sayed up too late hacking out code and was way too tired on Saturday to race effectively. I kept crashing.  

My iRating dropped down into the mid 2200's now.  Not so cool.  And you know what?  I shouldn't care and I think I am caring less.  

With the lack of pace in the Star Mazda I tried my hand a few other cars.  The Lotus 79 was at Sonoma, so I jumped in a practice session (did two actually).  Initially I was nine seconds off the pace of the second slowest - I had a 1:34 they had a 1:25, but I took out some fuel and played with setup and familiarised myself with the awesome stopping power and grip of the Lotus and pretty soon I was turning 1:23's.  The fastest time I saw, from guys I know to be FAST was a 1:19 and I think, according to my sector times, had I kept at it I would have been down to the 1:21's in another half an hour.

I also jumped in the Grand Touring Cup in the Jetta, banging around a track I very rarely get to drive, as it's not in any of my normal series rotations, Barber Motorsport Park. I like that track.  After about 30 minutes I was just slower than the fastest Jetta time, and 2nd fastest overall.  

Another series I had a go in was the inRacing Challenge, in the Pontiac Solstice.  A lower powered car but it sounds cool.  I like it and I again was setting competitive times.  Not too shabby considering I haven't raced that car ever. I also had a bash in the MX5 Roadster at Lime Rock, reliving 18 months ago. Good fun.

The highlight was the 6 or so races I did in the Street Stock Series. I really enjoyed the racing, when I wasn't getting taken out, and not having it impact my A class road license was great.  I'm going to be doing more ovals for sure.

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