How are the 2011 Formula 1 rules going

formula 1
How is the F1 season shaping up so far. And what of the big changes this season: DRS, KERS, Pirelli

FluentNhibernate Reveal.Member method

Getting an error when trying to map a private reference? Well look here.

Creating custom multi-level trees in Umbraco

cms    umbraco
How to make a multi-level database driven custom tree in Umbraco

Creating a custom content tree in umbraco

cms    umbraco
Creating custom sections and trees in Umbraco

Using Umbraco CMS as an application framework

cms    umbraco
I'm embarking on my first Umbraco CMS backed website/webapp project. Basically a learning project.

Shared bank accounts kill romance

Recently hooked up and trying to decide if you should pool your cash with your significant other? You may find this opinion useful

2011 AtomicF1 Championship Round 4

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
Bitter Sweet round, with a worse than expected first race and a solid and expected result in race 2

2011 Atomic F1 Championship Round 3

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
The worst round of Atomic F1 2010 yet. Better forgotten.

2011 Atomic F1 Championship Round 2

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
Decent qualifying and race to second place in Malaysia. Abysmal Chinese GP. Need to practice. Even a little.

Domain Driven Design introduction

architecture    domain driven design
I kicked off "Friday Forums" at my workplace with this introduction to domain driven design, covering the very basics around modelling domain entities and their boundaries. Domain events not covered.

Brisbane floods in Bellbowrie

My experience of the Brisbane Floods in 2011

Update your playlist and energise your workout

body building tips    health    weight training
Some days I really struggle with energy levels during my heavy lifting workouts. What I've found is that a good soundtrack can really help power a workout and is worth a good bit of strength.

2011 New Years Resolutions

My 2011 New Years Tech Resolutions


body building    dieting

2010 Formula 1 Review

formula 1
Formula 1 2010. The season is finally over and here is my opinion.

Evolution of Natural User interfaces

futurising    user experience
The next paradigm in human computer interaction is coming. Lets take what we saw in Minority Report and add some 3D awesome.