Zolder didn't go to plan

Week four was Zolder. It didn't go to plan. A busy week in the real world and an operating system upgrade to windows 8 meant I missed valuable track time and didn't get to race or qualify
November 28 2012

Week four was Zolder.  A new track. Sweet.

A few weeks ago I got a new work PC, with windows 8 installed.  Win8 is a great operating system and with the upgrade from win7 only $56 I couldn't resist.  I had already put off the upgrade so it didn't interrupt my Road America week, which should have (but wasn't) been a big one.  I bit the bullet in week four.

The upgrade didn't go seamlessly and I had a few problems that took me until late Friday night to sort out.  That meant the only running at Zolder I got prior to the weekend was Tuesday.  Not so great. The weekend was also a busy one for me in real life and I got virtually no track time.  What this meant was that I didn't get to race or qualify at Zolder. At all.

That's a shame because I enjoyed the track and got my PB down to 1:27.3 with an optimal in the mid 1:26's. With some setup work I'm sure I could have been inside the 1:26's PB, I looked like it on a few laps before stuffing up.  

Oh well.  A short update this week.  Nothing on the V8Supercar series because I've decided to not race it.  The Star Mazda, and open wheelers is where my heart lays :)

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