why am I only just finding out theres a racetrack near my house?

Random race-track found on google maps only a few kilometers from my house!
November 16 2012

A few minutes ago I was googling "supermax" , while watching the latest episode of the Mentalist (where Jayne was headed to investigate what happened to his only link to Red John...)  Anyway, in my random googling I came across the fact that the Brisbane Correction Centre has an 18 cell "supermax" unit. The prison itself being a maximum security prison.  Next thing I know bing maps is open and I see this:

Bris Pris 700X337

Yes, that does look a lot like a race track...  There's even a car going around it!


Though in closer detail it does look less like a race track and more like a typical road, as you can see by the various bits and pieces coming off it.  Looking at it in detail on nearmap makes me think it's a driver training centre, going by the various configurations that could be set up.  The photo below is from 11 May 2010 on nearmap and you can see that it was under construction.

Maytrack 700X497

Whats the big deal.  Well, I live ... let me show you whereabouts I live...  It's somewhere in the red zone above the track.  I want a place where I can stupid quick and not get a speeding ticket.  Now... to get access muhahaha

Map 700X626

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