Cycling out of bellbowrie

Bellbowrie cyclists need a better way to get out of town
November 16 2012


I don't mind a bit of cycling.  Being a bellbowrie resident, it's difficult though to cycle to work, or to anywhere really (unless you're doing it offraod).  If a cycle lane was put on my imaginary bridge from Birkin to Sumner Roads that would solve a few problems, giving easy access to cycle across the bridge and to the cycleway that runs along the Western Freeway, all the way into the CBD.

The Brisbane City Council does have a plan though.  And it's a dumb one.  How dumb?  Well, check it out here

Moggill Road is one of the busiest scariest roads on Brisbane in peak hour and the proposal is to put a cycle path along it?  This may be ok if the cycle lane a meter+ wide, and painted green.  Make it obvious. Otherwise we've got problems with trucks and cars still.

Another proposal is Pedestrian Riverfront Access from the end of Lather Road through to the start of Gem Rd at Kenmore.  Why not make it a shared path, such as exists on Coronation Drive.  I think it would see more usage from cyclists anyway. The bonus is the bikes would be off Moggill Road and being that the path is along the river, it would hopefully be relatively flat, providing fast access. A half decent cyclists could ride that at 25-30 km/hr, and I'd think the path would be about 5 kilometers, giving a trip time of around 15 minutes, cutting about 10-15 minutes of the current trip time and massively reducing risk.

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