How to get to a 3000 iRating on iRacing

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I finally achieved a 3000 iRating. Here's some things I learned a long the way that enabled me to get there.

iRacing Star Mazda Round 1 2013.1 review

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My first race for the Vortex team, racing in iRacing's Star Mazda series. This week visited Spa, in the Belgian forest. I was initially only going for 1 race but ended up doing 4.

Zolder didn't go to plan

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Week four was Zolder. It didn't go to plan. A busy week in the real world and an operating system upgrade to windows 8 meant I missed valuable track time and didn't get to race or qualify

Underwhelming at Laguna Seca

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Laguna Seca: I did alright here last season. Had a race win and some other good results. What will a lack of practice bring? Mixed results, that's what - and a near win.

Ragged gets busy at Leguna Seca

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Week 2 of the Star Mazda is Leguna Seca, home of the infamous "cork-screw". Last season both Andy and I hit the track for a race and came together on the first corner. We ultimately finished 2nd and 3rd in that first race. I had a few more troubles, coming together with Steve Owen, getting reversed into off the grid by Paul Ezerski...

Mammoth Networks sponsor for Season 4 2012

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Mammoth Networks now sponsor my racing efforts. How so? They donated a VPS to run this blog. That and I work at Mammoth Media / Ausgamers. I like the colours too. Now if only they kick in some shiny 27" monitors...

Star Mazda Road America Season 2 2012

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Decent enough speed but terrible mistakes on the opening lap of both races cost me.

Contesting iRacings Star Mazda series

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I've got my A class license and I'm moving up from the Skip Barber to the Star Mazda for season 2