Weightlifters diary day #1233049

body building    weight training
Yep. I'm back smashing the iron and scaring the little folk.

Saturday Skip Barber Practice at Road Atlanta

iRacing    simracing    skip barber
Getting much faster in the Skippy at Atlanta

My social media pruning rules

So called 'vanity' friends are lame. Here's how I 'keep it real'

Day 1 of practice for Season 3 in the Skip Barber 2000

iRacing    simracing    skip barber
Today I started my first full season of iRacing competition and had my first proper hit out in the Skip Barber 2000

Modelling and programming entities that have state and participate in workflow

design patterns
Workflow and State changes in C# business applications.

Outputting 5.1 sound from mkv’s via optical to an A/V receiver

I'm still yet to master the black art of outputing 5.1 sound from mkvs in Media Center to my A/V Receiver. At least now I've recorded how I got it working this time.

It's clear Red Bull favours Vettel

formula 1
Horner should have thought more about his team orders, and swapped Vettel for Webber.

Using events in your domain model

How to implement a basic Domain Event system, including using a container to register and resolve event handlers. This is basically just a reproduction of the code Udi Dahan developed.

OCZ vertex 3 vs OCZ vertex 2 vs WD Black Sata 3

What will win? OCZ's latest performance SSD? OCZ's previous gen performance SSD? Or Western Digitals 'performance' HDD? I've got the answer here, inside my new box!

Why iracing is better than any game

iRacing is the only "game" for enthusiasts. Only it's not a game.

Auditing with Nhibernate

The difference between nhibernate and linq2sql when it comes to auditing