Modernising a simple legacy .NET site

Azure    Web Api mvc    iRacing
The first in series of posts where I walk through moving a small ASP.NET MVC 5 app into Azure. The app itself connects to the iRacing sim racing platform and produces charts and signatures.

Building your own custom FluentValidation validator mvc    fluentvalidation
How to make your own fluent validator for the FluentValidation framework for .NET

Getting started with Sitecore MVC as an ASP.NET MVC developer

Glass Mapper mvc    sitecore
Sitecore introduced MVC back in version 6.6.0 in the middle of 2012. I'm just now getting started with it. Here's a getting started guide from the perspective of an experience ASP.NET MVC developer. Hopefully it's also useful for people who aren't experienced MVC developers.

jquery.validate and chrome doesn't validate australian dates mvc    jquery
Whats that? Chrome doesn't nicely convert date strings? new Date("19/11/2011") fails?!

indicating required fields with twitter bootstrap and mvc 4 mvc    twitter bootstrap
Need to add a required field indicator to your twitter bootstrap enabled mvc4 app? Well look no further, I've HACKED together something right here...

atomic flair mvc    projects
Screen scraping atomicmpc to build my own "flair" system.