First ride at gap creek rd mountain bike park

I took my mountain bike to gap-creek bike park for it's first run there, on a very wet day.

How to bleed hydraulic brakes on a mountain bike

Look ma! No Brakes! Fixing hydraulic mountain bike brakes yourself

Mountain Bikes versus Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes versus road bikes

Initial impressions of F1 2010

My initial impressions of F1 2010. My most anticipated game... ever?

Bodybuilding is all about endurance

body building
Bodybuilding: the ultimate endurance sport?

One handed db presses for extra difficulty

body building    body building tips    weight training
Try one-handed dumb-bell presses on your next chest day.

Setting attributes of classes updated by a mocked classes in RhinoMocks

Setting values on classes hidden inside methods under test and acted on by Mocks, using RhinoMocks.

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

Formula 1
Discussion of the 2010 Belgian F1 GP

What can we do about Fat Kids?

health    obesity
Most of the blame seems to have be laid at Fast Food companies and advertising junk food on children's television. I think the problem is systemic and a product of many factors around life in the 21st century.

How long should you spend in the gym?

body building    health    weight training
Weight Training produces deminishing returns as you stay longer, so when should you stop working out?

Why formula 1 team orders are ok

Formula 1
Over the recent years there has been a lot of talk about team orders and how they're detrimental to Formula 1, especially in the Schumacher years.