How to stop your screen going blank and logging you out

programming tips
Infrequently used laptop screen going to sleep and logging you out? I have the fix for you? Maybe you need to appear logged on Teams when you're not using your computer (for legitimate reasons of course!) I have you covered!

Switching from Cosmos Db to Sql Server with Entity Framework

entity framework    sql server
Notes on switching from Cosmos DB with Entity Framework, to Sql Server as a database.

Modernising a simple legacy .NET site

Azure    Web Api mvc    iRacing
The first in series of posts where I walk through moving a small ASP.NET MVC 5 app into Azure. The app itself connects to the iRacing sim racing platform and produces charts and signatures.

How Game of Thrones Ends

This is it. Two episodes to go. This is my prediction of how Game of Thrones ends. Don't read this if you haven't seen all the episodes of GoT up to episode 4 of Season 8.

Life after work-from-home.

This week I returned to full time “work from business” after 2.5 years of “work from home” for myself. To say it's been a shock to my system is probably an understatement.

How to get to a 3000 iRating on iRacing

iRacing    simracing    star mazda
I finally achieved a 3000 iRating. Here's some things I learned a long the way that enabled me to get there.

Chartist.js curved labels plugin

fed    javascript
I recently had to make a donut graph with labels curved with the angle fo the donut. I found chartist.js did donut graphs and had a simple plugin feature, so I made a plugin.

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

Here's my take on the few steps you need to take to make the perfect cup of coffee

My top 10 tv shows of all time

Here are my top 10 tv shows of all time. If you need a list of definitively good television, this is it.

Fitbit Aria connection and syncing problems

body building    dieting    health    obesity    weight training
I had just bought a new Fitbit Aria scale and could not connect it to my account. What followed was a exercise in patience and troubleshooting. Eventually my scales connected to my home networks TP-Link TL-AC901N and my Asus DSL-AC68U.

Working from Home: 4 months later

I started working from home in October 2016, realising a long term goal of mine. Some find it hard to stay motivated (and fully clothed). How am I going?

Why programmers are different

Do you have a significant other or family member who is a programmer? Ever wonder why they may seem odd. It's linguistics.

Agile for One: Week 1

project management    workfromhome
I've just started working from home, not as an employee but on a project I have equity in and being paid as a consultant. It's always been a goal of mine to do this, so here goes...

The future of private transport - publicly owned vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are almost here. They're being field tested and most experts expect production release to consumers before 2020. What will the future of private transport look like when autonomous vehicles are introduced?

Writting better acceptance criteria

agile    project management
Clear acceptance criteria helps get it done right the first time.

Mistakes in Agile

agile    project management
I'm not sure if this will be a series or a one off rant I just keep adding to for the rest of my life; regardless, here is something I'm experiencing right now in the fragile team I'm working in.

What is Digital?

developers    projects
I think "Digital" is a whole lot more complex than what we're calling Digital Agencies. It's almost the new "I.T."

My battle with Achalasia... so far

It's a hard disease to swallow. This is my story of my battle with achalasia, from initial symptoms 3 years ago to surgery last week.