Contesting iRacings Star Mazda series

I've got my A class license and I'm moving up from the Skip Barber to the Star Mazda for season 2
May 13 2012

Season 2 of 2012 in iRacing should be a good one for me.  I started iRacing back in january 2011 and attempted racing in it while mixing driving in F1 2010/2011.  My main focus was always the Atomic F1 league for F1 2010/2011, but I really wanted to move on from F1 2011, where the racers are not as realistic, to the hardcore world of iRacing at the higher levels.

Previously I've been racing the MX5, the rookie car, and the Skip Barber, the first open wheeler and considered to be the best training ground at the grass roots level.  I spent three seasons 3 in the Skip Barber, not completely the full race schedule in a season until season 1, where I did only one race a few weeks, and others I did many (20+).

I finished #130 in the world the Skip Barber Series in season 1, a season where I also competed and spent the majority of my time practicing for the Atomic F1 league races.


My approach to the Star Mazda championshp is a little more focussed.  I've got my A class license now (the next step up is a "Pro" license, which is VERY rare and I won't bother even attempting to consider).  My iRating is currently at 2319, sufficiently high that I always get the top splits, with the best and safest drivers, making for the most enjoyable and realistic racing.  The bonus is also that the Star Mazda is a C license car, meaning it's unlikely any noobs will show up for races even on the occasion I get a low SOF.  Back to my approach.... This season I'm following my own guide for F1 2011 racing - here - and spending week days learning the track and getting my race setup right, and the weekend (saturday or friday night) for qualifying, followed by the race typically on a Sunday.  I'll hopefully only do 1 race a week and it'll be a good one :)

iRacing calculates your championship for the week as the average of your race points, so if you have a bad race you'll lose points and drop places.  I've been fortunate enough to have to a good race each of the two weeks of the season so far, so didn't need to try again.

I'm currently sitting at number one in Division 3 in the world, which I'm pretty stoked with, and number 16 overall!



I'm not sure I can keep that up, but so far it's been great.  Who knows, I might even gain places as others above me do more races and perform worse...

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