Saturday Skip Barber Practice at Road Atlanta

Getting much faster in the Skippy at Atlanta
August 14 2011

It’s Saturday and that means practice day and hopefully only a few refinements on car setup.  I ended last night practice with a 1:41.1 best in practice, but I felt there was more to come.  Over the day I did about 2 to 3 hours of practice and managed to braking points for all the corners that I’m happy with.  I’d mostly struggled to get a line and a braking point for turns 1, 2, and 3, losing a number of tenths of a second through turn one and the same through turn 3, when I managed to stay on the track.


Turn 1 at Road Atlanta


This time I got down to 1:39.742, but more tellingly was my average lap time, 1:40.287, easily the fastest average lap time and over the most laps.  I think there’s a few more tenths in my too, just on lines and breaking points alone.  Considering my optimal lap time is now 1:39.2s


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