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Never done 1RM before but my Gym now has a weights records board up so I had to try and get on it.
March 12 2014

I walked into the gym for the first time in a few weeks last night, back from a case of gastro.  First thing I noticed as I walked over to the flat bench to start my chest/tri workout was that the gym now has a weights record board.  The board is broken into gender and further into weight divisions.  I noticed, thanks to my attack of gastro, my weight division had the highest lifts of all; the current bench press record was 150KG.  Having done reps in my usual sets before at 150KG I was pretty confident I could take that record. However, I hadn't worked out for a while so thought it may be challenge.

I thought I'd go for 151.25 kg, the minimum amount more I could do (added a 1.25kg plate to the left side of the bar).  I warmed up with 20 reps of 60KG and 5 reps of 140KG before attempting a lift.

I surprised myself my managing the lift without straining.  I could have done 160KG and probably should have.  Oh well, I'll go back and have another go if it gets beaten.


I also tried the pushup record.  Pushups had to be chest to floor each rep and I managed 58, not getting the record of 60.  I was really surprised by that failure because I currently hold the pushup record (91 in 50 seconds).  Then again, I didn't just do 151.25kg bench press just prior to that...  At least the guy that has the pushup record doesnt' have any others.

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