Fitbit Aria connection and syncing problems

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I had just bought a new Fitbit Aria scale and could not connect it to my account. What followed was a exercise in patience and troubleshooting. Eventually my scales connected to my home networks TP-Link TL-AC901N and my Asus DSL-AC68U.

King of the gym

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Never done 1RM before but my Gym now has a weights records board up so I had to try and get on it.

Up your muscle growth with Spike days

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Add a spike day to your workout every 14-21 days to get that extra super growth

Weightlifters diary day #1233049

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Yep. I'm back smashing the iron and scaring the little folk.

Update your playlist and energise your workout

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Some days I really struggle with energy levels during my heavy lifting workouts. What I've found is that a good soundtrack can really help power a workout and is worth a good bit of strength.

One handed db presses for extra difficulty

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Try one-handed dumb-bell presses on your next chest day.

How long should you spend in the gym?

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Weight Training produces deminishing returns as you stay longer, so when should you stop working out?