Mammoth Networks sponsor for Season 4 2012

Mammoth Networks now sponsor my racing efforts. How so? They donated a VPS to run this blog. That and I work at Mammoth Media / Ausgamers. I like the colours too. Now if only they kick in some shiny 27" monitors...
October 29 2012

My new for season 4 2012 paints are up and I reckon they look hawt. I've got a new sponsor, in the form of Mammoth Networks.  The guys at Mammoth Networks have graciously supplied a free VPS to host this site (ok, it's not entirely free, I have to exchange 40 hours a week of software development skills for money and a "free" VPS).

This season I'll be competing in the Star Mazda, V8Supercar, and Lotus 49 series'.  I don't have a Lotus 49 paint yet, as there is no template...


V8supercar Rear Side


Note the license plate :D


V8supercar Front Side



Sm Side



Sm Front



I'm pretty happy with the end result.  Easily the best paint I have done to date.

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