Supplements, they do work

September 07 2011

Supplements.  I've been taking them since I first got serious about adding muscle mass back in the mid 90's when I read Arnold recommended a couple of basic animo acids should be part of every body builders diet.  Then in 1998, I started out with a 4kg tub of cholocate flavoured "Cheif" protein powder, at about 70% protein.  I got onto Creatine Monohydrate when it first become mainstream, back in probably 2000, though I found I didn't seem to get much benefit except from placebo, so I switched back to a higher caffiene intake to give me my energy boost.  For nearly 5 years I operated on a "normal diet" of heaps of chicken breast for lunch and steaks for dinner, supplemented with protein shakes to get my 220g of protein a day.

By mid 2000's my mother's new husband, a former world powerlifting champion suggested I try HMB on top of the ZMA and L-Glutamine I'd been on a year or two prior.

When I toned down in 2008 I stopped all supplements and heavy training.  The extra calories in shakes meant it was too hard to stay under my 1500 calorie per day limit.  Once I'd got down to my goal weight by mid 2008 I hit the protein shakes again, this time with water, but no other supplements than that and caffiene.

In maybe 2009/2010 The bloke at Ada St supplements at Taringa put me onto Urban Muscle's Incel product, which supposedly gave more energy boost that anything legally on the market.  At least it worked better than creatine (and tasted good :)).  I've been using that since and it's quite good.

Last friday I went looking for a endurance product (as well as to replish my protein and incel stocks) and instead ended up walking out with Urban Muscle's new post workout formula, Ressurect, which contains L-Glutamine, HMB, BCAA, L-Lucene, Taurine and other good stuff.  All of which I've taken individually over the years.  Still, I was doubtful but I thought I'd give it a try.  I started taking the recommend amount that evening and have done every day since.

Monday afternoon was my usual Chest/Tri workout and I've been slowly working back up to my best and on Monday night I equalled my previous best weight (with slightly less reps though) of 140kg for 8 reps unassisted and 2 reps assisted.  It's been probably 7 or 8 years since I've done that.  Tuesday (today) I awoke barely sore and I went for my usual Tuesday bike ride at lunch time.  Typically this ride is a killer, as my triceps and chest are so wasted I can't hold myself up after 15kms.  Not today.  I was at 33km/hr average by the halfway mark just before the Corso (a P.B) but it dropped to 30.5 km/hr when we slowed for a small period to see if a fellow rider had a bike problem.  I ended the ride with an average of 29.5 km/hr, faster than I've ever gone before.  My previous best was 28.8 km/hr, set pretty much 12 months ago. I'd got within a few tenths of a km/hr in the recent weeks but nothing like this difference.

While it's still early days, so far I'm 2 from 2 workouts and it's late Tuesday night and my chest isn't hurting at all. Usually it's completely locked up by now.

Urban Muscle's Ressurect gets my vote!

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