How to make the perfect cup of coffee

Here's my take on the few steps you need to take to make the perfect cup of coffee
May 13 2017

I've spent a lifetime drinking two lifetimes of coffee and I think I've finally figured out how to make the perfect cup of coffee.  I'm yet to experience a superior cup of coffee at from a cafe, made by a "barista" (I use that term loosely, as I don't think I've met many actual baristas).

There are a few key utensils required

  • Breville BMF600 -  The  Milk Cafe Frother.
  • Nespresso Pixie Clips machine
  • Nespresso pods

There are three flavours of nespresso pods I love, all from the Intenso range:

  • Arpeggio (Purple) - 9 intensity
  • Ristretto (Black) - 10 intensity
  • Kazaar (Dark Blue) - 12 intensity

The Arpreggio and Ristretto capsules give 60mg in a short pull, while the Kazaar delievers 120mg in a lugo. and about 85 in a short.  My preference is two lugo Kazaars in the morning, to really get me going.  I'll then have a one or two more capsules of the other two during the day, depending on energy levels.

The machine ensures a consistent delivery and using capsules means that I'm getting a consistent amount of coffee.  With the coffee portion taken care of, the only real variable is the milk.  The BMF600 has a temperature gauge, and the optimum temperature for milk is marked, about 60 degrees.  I prefer to heat my milk to nearly 70 degrees and I use the latte mixer to froth the milk

The milk itself is the most important part, and where I get the most positive feedback. I've tried pretty much every type of milk, mainly for the sake of science, to know I'm on the best option.  I've tried skim milk, trim milk, full cream milk, A2 milk, lactose free milk (both skinny and full cream).  The milk that results in the best coffee is Pauls Zymil. I assume it's because of the missing lactose?  I've tried Aldi's lactose free milk and it performs the same as all the other full cream milks except full cream Zymil.  Full cream Zymil will thicken up and go creamy like no other milk.  But, you have to get it as soon as it's finished heating.  Leave it sit for 60 seconds and the thickness separates.  Get it as soon as the BMF600 beeps to indicate it's done heating, then poor that into your cup (You of course have put the coffee from the pod into the cup while the milk was heating).  Note: I've also go the same excellent creamy result using the milk heater that came with the Nespresso, but I already had the BMF600 and it is well regarded as the best milk frother on the market anyway.

So there it is, the secret to perfect cup of coffee is Pauls Zymil milk frothed.

I also use Hook Industries reusable coffee cups, both the small (single shot) and the large (double shot).

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