How Game of Thrones Ends

This is it. Two episodes to go. This is my prediction of how Game of Thrones ends. Don't read this if you haven't seen all the episodes of GoT up to episode 4 of Season 8.
May 06 2019

As they say (well, I say).  "The biggest tv show that ever was or will be" is coming to an end in 2 episodes.

For at least a season now I have been questioning Daenerys' sanity.  She is becoming increasinly like her "Mad King" father.  She started out as a liberator of slaves but in season 8, in a meeting at Winterfell with the Queen Sansa (yes, I said "Queen") she shows she isn't interested in freeing the North.  Not if it's "her" North.  She was happy to "free" the slaves in Traders Bay, but in her "rightful" land, she's not so inclined.  That leaves a bad taste in my mouth and she seems hypocritical and self-righteous.

In the previous episode, episode 3, we saw Arya defeat the Night King. This was the right fit.  I believe she's been trained by the Faceless Men specifically for this task, and that's why they let her go.  The balance needed restoring.  The Night King was resurrecting men, stealing from the Faceless God.  A debt was owed.  We were shown that earlier in GoT when Arya lost her eyes after failing to kill the actress lady. She was literally told a debt was owed.

With two episodes to go, and Missendei now dead we have an increasinly crazed Daenerys.  Grey Worm is also going to be extremely pissed.  An upset fighter/general is not a one that makes the best decisions.  Dany has also lost her second dragon, now only Drogon remains.  Cersi is not giving in. She's gone true evil and called in the citizens of Kings Landing into the Red Keep to act as her human shield. Keep it classy Cersei...

Here's what's going to happen in the final two episodes

  • Tyrion will die
  • Greyworm will die
  • Jamie Lannister, the "Kingslayer", will kill his sister. He just reeled off a list of terrible deeds he has committed for his sister. I think he'll want redemption for that in only one possible way, killing his sister
  • The Mountain will fight Arya and he will lose. We've seen Arya and that cool spear in episode 3.  A similar spear was wielded by Oberyn Martell when he so nearly had the mountain beat.  We've seen Arya slide under tables and legs when she fought the waif.  She'll use those skills to defeat The Mountain. There will be no Cleganebowl (Hound v Mountain)
  • Daenerys will go stark raving mad.  This is Jon's throne, not hers.  Her entire purpose for being isn't even a thing any more.  Jon will kill Dany to save the realm.
  • Jon will head north, into the true North.
  • Arya will die.  I'm not sure how.  Ok. I really don't want this to happen as she's long been my favourite character.  I've loved her progression for tom boy to stone cold agent of vegenance and death, ever since season 2.  Flip the coin and she rides off into the sunset with the Hound.  Not as lovers. Gross! As restless souls.
  • And finally:


Sansa wins the Iron Throne

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