The Ford V8supercar is not easy

The Star Mazda is a pretty easy car to drive. The light weight, the massive grip both mechanical and aero, the open wheel nature, all lend itself to a pretty easy car to drive from the get-go. The Ford V8SC is anything but easy. It's a twitching, bucking, yelling, screaming beast. The Star Mazda is a refined, well mannered, upper-middle class car. The V8SC is a beer swilling, loud, obnoxious beast. But that's what makes it interesting...
November 04 2012

This season I'm focusing my efforts on the V8's.  I want to be competitive with the top SOF come next year and hopefully Bathurst.  I want to get mentioned on the V8supercar website and I want to be moderately competitive with the guys like Muggleton, Downs, Hamstead, and SVG.  

It's a big ask and this week I found out just how much of an ask it is.  On day one I was doing 2:20's. On day two I Was doing 2:14's.  I'm now doing 2:13's but not easily.  My optimal is 2:11.2.  Not too bad and my pace is good enough for about top 25% of any practice session.  What are the top guys doing? High 2:09's. so I've got to find nearly 4 seconds.

Realistically though, it wasn't any different when I started racing Star Mazda's nor the Skippies.  It took my a whole season in the star mazda to close the gap down to less than 2s.  Now it's about 1.5 average.

At least I'm faster than my teammate Andrew :)  

The biggest stress point right now is consistency.  My optimal is 2 seconds faster than my PB. That's a massive gap.  The top guys are around 0.2s off their optimals.  My biggest shortfall is in the braking zone.  I'm getting self-owned most laps, trying to slow the car down.  I can't yet hit apexes consistently.  I'm thinking of sitting this round out so I don't make a complete mess of my SR.

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