Why iracing is better than any game

iRacing is the only "game" for enthusiasts. Only it's not a game.
June 20 2011

iRacing sells itself as a simulation and not a game.  Before I subscribed to iRacing I thought that was just another marketing gimmick.  Now I know that's not the case.

Last night at about 11:35pm I got my D class license and advanced out of Rookie, opening up a range of other cars and tracks, such as the Skip Barber 2000 car, on open wheeler.  I did a few laps on that before I set about configure SofTH and triple screens and now that I've got them runnng I cannot go back to a single monitor car game.


Anyway, I digress - but triple screens are waaaaayyy better :)

Last night I raced against Chaz Mostert a number of times and the dude was extremely fast, qualifying in 58.9s and my best is 59.6s.  Every race he and I were in he led from start to finish and completely dominated, with about half the time no incidents.  I average around 2-3 a race, which is pretty good, but to do that I don't push that hard.  The last time I was up against that sort of speed it was Jake Fourace, who upon investigation is a young upcoming Formula Ford/Vee racer.  I checked out Chaz's profile and found nothing so just thought maybe he was some exceptionally talented computer gamer who practiced heaps before joining any races.  He's done less races than me...

A quick google and it turns out Chaz Mostert is a quickly rising start in the Konica V8's, the feeder series to Australia's main category, the V8 supercars.  I feel better about being smashed now.

That's the beauty of iRacing.  The racing is for the most part very clean and courtoeous and half the races I've been in this year have been with proper professional race car drivers (or soon to be pro, if they're still in school lol).  Especially now my irating is decent and my SR is high I don't get stuck with noobs who haven't yet learnt you don't win it on the first corner.

Makes it easy to walk away from the F1 championship I was "competing" in at www.atomicf1.com So much more rewarding now I'm out of rookie.  Hah that is until I find I'm not fast enough to get any further up the ladder and find something eaiser :p

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