2011 New Years Resolutions

My 2011 New Years Tech Resolutions
January 01 2011
We all know how hard general life new year resolutions might be so I'm not going to make any here. Besides, I think any resolutions that important should be made as soon as you decide you need to resolve to do it.  Instead, I'm going to make my new years resolutions around technology I want to explore this year.

1.  Windows Phone 7 development.  This year I want to make at least one application in both Silverlight and XNA for Windows Phone 7.  Obviously the Silverlight app will be some sort of business application, a form based sort of thing, while the XNA app will be a game.  I have a few ideas for a game but I don't want to put anything concrete down yet.

2. Develop for the Cloud.  It looks like cloud based services are here to stay.  This year I want to develop a cloud back app.  Perhaps I should be a little more specific.  I want to write something that backs onto Azure or S3.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but by the end of this year I want to be "across" cloud architecture and when and were to use it.

3. Participate in an Open Source project.   Over the years I've borrowed from Open Source, branching and making my own modifications to the trunk.  This year I want to contribute to an Open Source project that I believe in, or start my own open source project.  I'm currently leaning to my favourite and most used open source program, media browser.  There are a bunch ways I'd like to extend that and this year I resolve to do at least one of those.

There they are.  There's only three, but they are three that I think could easily absorb my free time in 2011.  Lets see how I've done come 31 December 2011.

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