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March 26 2010

A project I'm leading at work is going to use Umbraco for the content management, leading me to today start investigating just what Umbraco is all about and how we'll make best use of it in the context of the web application we're developing.

Interesting for me is that this is also my first foray into the world of Content Management.  Having spent my career to date working on line of business applications and enterprise software, I've never had to develop a web site where there will be a lot of basically static content; hence there's been no need to investigate content managment systems.

Ubraco fits our needs for this project, as it's an Open Souce offering in ASP.NET and seems, now after a day of playing around, fairly simple to use and very extensible.  After googling for numerous tutorials on Umbraco, I settled on getting a subscription to, which suits my style of learning well.


Day 1 was spent learing about Document Types and Templates, with a prelude into building web controls for business logic.  It's been interesting thus far.  Probably the biggest disapointment is that Umbraco 4 only works on ASP.NET and not ASP.NET MVC, or at least, it's not designed to work with ASP.NET MVC.  With at tight deadline, I don't want to try and make it fit.

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