Evolution of Natural User interfaces

The next paradigm in human computer interaction is coming. Lets take what we saw in Minority Report and add some 3D awesome.
November 11 2010

I'm not going out on much of a limb here and I'm assuming people have seen Minority Report.

Last week there was news of scientists getting closer to establishing the technology to enable realtime 3d holographic images.
Sounds cool yeah? I bet you're thinking 'This will grant the ablity to watch some pretty awesome 3D movies'. Well you're not thinking big enough. Lets couple this with a more evolved and precision version of Microsofts recently releaed Kinect. It doesn't even need to be much more evolved.

This device, a combination of the two emerging technologies above will give us a fantastic new user interface into our beloved computers. You could pick and choose your interaction paradigm, personalised to suit. 3d holographs would provide the objects to interact with and kinect would provide the tracking mechanisms.

If you wanted to be boring, a holographic keyboard and mouse could be used, or perhaps arrange holographic shapes gives you meaning. The interaction method could be tailored to suit your personal tastes and mental model.

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