A first look at Umbraco List View Types

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This option on Document Types quietly slipped into the Umbraco 7 release. It may have been a quiet release but it's a big deal. Why? Well, Container Content Types allow us to reduce the number of items in the content tree and for people working in the back end this provides for a faster experience. Content is also more easily searched (in my opinion) and more easily browsed.

Encoding email links in Sitecore

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An email address encoding/encrypting solution for Sitecore CMS

Creating custom multi-level trees in Umbraco

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How to make a multi-level database driven custom tree in Umbraco

Creating a custom content tree in umbraco

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Creating custom sections and trees in Umbraco

Using Umbraco CMS as an application framework

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I'm embarking on my first Umbraco CMS backed website/webapp project. Basically a learning project.