I think F1 2011 has got to go

atomicf1    f1 2011    simracing
AtomicF1 has been fun but I think it's time to go. No thanks to Codemasters F1 2011.

2011 AtomicF1 Championship Round 4

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
Bitter Sweet round, with a worse than expected first race and a solid and expected result in race 2

2011 Atomic F1 Championship Round 3

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
The worst round of Atomic F1 2010 yet. Better forgotten.

2011 Atomic F1 Championship Round 2

atomicf1    f1 2010    simracing
Decent qualifying and race to second place in Malaysia. Abysmal Chinese GP. Need to practice. Even a little.